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International Freight Forwarding & Fast Air Mail SPD

SPD International Transport Company was in charge of all matters related to the transportation of goods, including cargo and express shipments, customs clearance in Iran, and goods transportation services from beginning to end on a door-to-door basis. In search of the lowest possible cost and the least possible time, the SPD noted that while maintaining the highest quality of fast air transport (express) and heavy loads (cargo), comfort, which shows a lot of strength.

  • -Provide the best air freight rates and customs correction in the shortest possible time
  • -Power and speed in communicating with origin and destination.
  • -Online tracking service
  • -Support services

SPD International Transport and Express Post Company with a group of experienced experts with a new approach to provide the best transportation, purchase, repair and delivery services, in the shortest possible time, with the highest quality of service, the cheapest price And information transparency, I work in both import and export to all parts of the world.

At present, many sectors of trade, commerce, automotive, metal, electronics and international companies in the country in the field of import, export and clearance of goods from the company are used. SPD with powerful representations and specialized branches on Friday in China, UAE, Germany, Oman, UK, France, Italy, Turkey, South Korea, India and خود Prove your performance in this field to traders and industrialists and present Services are available in different parts of the world.

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