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Air Freight Service

Today, the transportation and distribution of goods play an important role in international trade. To this end, companies are working in this field that ensure safe and fast transportation. Every day, thousands of packages are sent by these companies from one destination to another, among which some goods are commercial and others are not commercial and are considered personal cargo. In the transportation industry in general, freight refers to non-commercial cargo that is transported by various methods by sea, air, land and rail.

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The nature of air freight ferrites

As mentioned, these are often commercial in nature They are not and are a kind of private cargo that is sent to the destination country at a lower cost. In air transport, due to the fact that passengers can enter a certain and limited volume of cargo into the passenger plane, and more than that volume is subject to overload, which brings a lot of cost to the passenger, for this purpose, they can use freight services.

SPD services in the field of air freight ferries

SPD services in the field of air freight ferries SPD International Post Company has been able to satisfy customers by providing air freight services. SPD company is able to provide these services in the most optimal way possible. We suggest that you contact our experts for a free consultation and more information.

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