Cost of Air Freight to Europe

Cost of Air Freight to Europe

freight to Europe

Despite its relatively small area, Qara Europa is home to many immigrants from all over the world, including Iran, every year due to its high standard of living, good working conditions and prestigious universities. There are many Iranians who intend to immigrate to Europe who want to take their home and personal belongings to the destination country. Therefore, in order to carry your passenger cargo and to carry additional cargo, you can use the ferry service to Europe. Ferry services to Europe can be obtained in the following three ways:

  • Freight ferries to Europe
  •  Ferry ferries to Europe
  •  Air freight ferries to Europe

Among the methods mentioned above, air freight ferry is one of the most popular methods of sending cargo to Europe, despite the high shipping costs. Foreign air cargo has always been considered due to the high speed and security of sending and tracking cargo.

Cost of air freight to Europe

To use the air freight service to Europe, passengers and immigrants are always looking for the best price and the highest quality. Therefore, knowing the effective factors in reducing costs can largely prevent additional costs. There are several factors that affect the cost of shipping to Europe, some of which are discussed below:

  • Load type
  • Weight and volume of goods
  • The cost of packing the goods
  • Country and destination city
  • Shipping cost to the airport
  • Costs related to warehousing, unloading and weighing
  • The cost of obtaining the necessary permits
  • Cost of getting an air waybill
  • Cost of customs formalities and administrative procedures
  • No matter which European country you ship to, you can avoid additional costs by choosing the right shipping company. For this purpose, to receive a free consultation, call 02143000143.

Cost of packing on air freight to Europe

As mentioned above, one of the factors affecting the cost of freight to Europe is the packaging of goods. To send freight cargo to Europe, it is necessary to do this packaging in a standard way so that the cargo is not damaged. Our experts at SPD are ready to provide these services in the best way and at the lowest cost. Depending on the material and type of goods, the packaging can be made of wooden or metal pallets that have the necessary strength. Naturally, the choice of type and material used in packaging has a direct impact on the cost of air freight to Europe.

SPD company and air freight to Europe

SPD is proud to have provided the best and fastest air freight services to Europe so far. These extensive services include receiving from the place of origin, packing and palletizing, transportation to the airport, customs formalities, issuance of bill of lading and transportation to the destination. To inquire about the cost of air freight to Europe and other services, you can contact our experts.

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