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Canada ranks high in terms of immigrant reception and tourism. Due to having prestigious universities and suitable educational facilities and job opportunities, this country annually welcomes many people from different countries who migrate there to study, stay or work.

One of the most important issues for immigrants and students is sending personal belongings and documents that SPD company with a brilliant history in this field can provide the necessary services to send cargo to Canada.

Shipping to Canada by air and sea has been a concern for many years. Among the various methods of sending goods to Canada, air freight is very popular due to its high speed and security.

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Important points in sending goods to Canada

The first step in sending goods is proper packaging, which is important in many ways. SPD company after receiving the goods from customers and providing appropriate packaging services can do the process of sending the goods in the best way.

We need a bill of lading to send any kind of goods. The bill of lading contains complete information such as time, destination of receipt and details of the cargo, without which it is not possible to send. Carrying out any customs formalities is subject to the presentation of the bill of lading in the country of origin and destination. Given that each country has its own customs laws and may impose restrictions based on it, it is recommended that you consult with an expert in this field before attempting to send the goods. SPD company can guide you with the necessary experience in this field.

It is noteworthy that Canada’s immigration has made the destination country with fewer restrictions under customs law than many other countries. In addition, Canada has been able to provide easy but safe conditions in this matter by using customs police and close monitoring. In this way, all shipments are carefully monitored by the Customs Administration.

Another point to note is that the recipient of the goods has up to 48 hours to receive the goods, otherwise they will have to pay for the warehousing costs.

SPD Company and Shipping Services to Canada

In this article, we have provided brief information to send cargo to Canada and follow the necessary tips to do so. Before shipping, we recommend that if you plan to use SPD’s services to ship to Canada, you can contact our experts for more information and free consultation.

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