China Imports to Iran

China Imports to Iran

Import of goods from China

As you know, the Silk Road shows a long history of trade between Iran and China. These interactions are currently taking place in a different way. It is no secret that today the high variety of products and low production costs have made China one of the largest exporters of goods in the world. As one of the largest trading centers in the world and Iran’s economic partners, this country has a large share in the economy and imports of goods to Iran, which includes a wide range of goods.

 In general, goods imported from China are divided into two categories of industrial and consumer goods:

Industrial goods such as raw materials, machinery, hazardous goods, chemicals and consumer goods such as paper and stationery, clothing, electronics, mobile phones and….

Air freight from China to Iran

It is obvious that with the vastness of China and the variety of available commercial goods, the method and cost of sending cargo from different cities to Iran is different. Shipping method is important because it affects the final price of the goods. Of course, in order to calculate the shipping costs from China to Iran, it is necessary to consider points that are largely dependent on the conditions of import of goods from China.

For example, in cities in China that are adjacent to international waters and ports, the method of transporting sea freight in these cities is a more appropriate choice. In contrast, some cities have international airports, so the method of transporting cargo by air is the best option for moving light cargo, which high speed and security are of particular importance for cargo owners.

An important point that should be considered in air transport is to pay attention to the packaging of goods because if the packaging of cargo is not standard, it can be dangerous for human health and safety and means of transportation. For air transportation of goods from China to Iran, the cargo must be packed properly and according to the set standard, for example, for goods that may be damaged, wooden pallets are used, as well as for air transportation of chemicals and Dangerous goods have special packaging conditions and standards. SPD company with expert staff is able to provide these services well to customers.

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Important points about the conditions of importing goods from China

Before proceeding to import goods from China, it is necessary to consider the following points, some of the most important of which are:

Sufficient information about the customs laws of the two countries

Familiarity with customs tariffs

Research on the supply and demand of the desired product in Iran

Investigate the sources of production of the desired product in China

Obtaining the required license and documents in China

Choosing a trusted international shipping company

Receiving documents and documents for transporting goods

Determining the payment method for the cost of purchasing and transporting goods

Selecting the method of transporting goods by air or sea depending on the city of origin and destination

Going through the administrative process of customs clearance of goods in Iranian customs

Costs of importing goods from China

The cost of importing goods from China depends on various factors, the most important of which are related to purchasing, customs services and shipping. The following are the details of each of these sections:

Cost paid for goods in China

Costs related to the transfer of goods from the sender’s address

Inspection costs of purchased goods

Customs costs in China

Costs of registering the purchase order and allocating the required currency

Expenses for issuing and preparing administrative documents

The cost of transporting goods purchased from China to Iran

Expenses related to warehousing and maintenance of goods at customs

Expenses for customs clearance at Iranian Customs

Costs related to cargo insurance while transporting goods

The amount of costs mentioned can be different for each product, which can be reduced by choosing the right shipping company and receiving advice, the cost of the product.


Factors affecting the cost of shipping goods from China

As mentioned above, part of the cost of importing goods from China is related to shipping. It should be noted that factors such as weight, dimensions and type of goods are effective in transporting goods. Another point is that when transporting and calculating the cost based on the weight of the goods, two types of weight are considered, which are the actual weight and volumetric weight.


Actual weight includes the weight of the goods on the scales and the volumetric weight affected by the dimensions of the goods after packaging.

Volumetric weight in air transport is the actual volume divided by 6000 or in other words: the product of length, width and height multiplied by 6000.


Contact our experts at SPD for inquiries about freight costs and more information.

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