Collect Charges

What is collect charges?

  1. In the process of sending goods, it is sometimes necessary to pay the cost of shipping the package to the destination, especially for gifts, samples and goods that are not commercial in value and their value is much less than the cost of transporting them. In addition, the sender may not be willing to pay more than the price of the product itself to send the sample to the applicant. On the other hand, rushing to receive these samples will increase the demand for this type of service. SPD International Post Company can provide this service to dear customers in the best possible way.
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Benefits of collect charges

The benefits of collect charges include:

 • By providing this service, the sender does not need to pay for shipping.

• The risk of online payments and online scams is reduced.

• The recipient trusts the sender more.

• The recipient does no need international currency payment services for shipping costs.

• Shipping risk management is transferred to the recipient

As mentioned above, these benefits make the recipient more confident. The only thing to note is that better management and control of sending goods by the sender can significantly help speed up shipping and reduce costs.

Today, transportation plays a very important role in the economy and relations between countries. With the increase in passenger traffic and trade, the need for fast freight has become stronger.

Among the various methods of transportation, air mail has a special place in this industry. An important feature of the airmail industry is its high speed and safety. But despite these advantages, there are restrictions on shipping and postage.

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Providing after-rent services is part of the services of the international company SPD, which you can contact our experts for more information.


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