Courier Express

Courier Express

Courier Express is a way transferring and delivering of goods fast plus having the most broadening worldwide network among the other shipping services that you can send your goods to all over the world. In many countries, Courier Express is done as nationwide or as international networks.

The cost of express mail or international express mail can not be determined with certainty because it depends on factors such as weight and type of goods, which is very affordable for high value goods and apart from that the safest way to ship  the  goods with safety.

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What is international courier express?

International Courier express or Post Express is one of the best ways to send goods abroad, which has high speed and security despite its low cost. The main reasons for the popularity of Post Express are the lack of direct cargo networks and the non-acceptance of light weighted samples as cargo. It is mentionable that the high costs of shipping light samples as cargo and off-loading them during busy times.

To send your goods by Post Express you can contact us through communication channels so that after registering your request and announcing the cost, the goods will be delivered to your destination and will reach the recipient in the shortest time in a reliable way. If you have any questions in this regard, you can benefit from the free advice of SPD experts.

How many days does the express mail take?

Usually by default on the web site of most shipping companies, you can get the approximate time by entering information, which is called “Due date”. But in some cases, it is not possible to say for sure about the delivery time of Courier Express, because the physical conditions of sending the consignment may face unforeseen problems. For this reason, when sending the goods, you will be notified of an approximate time that may arrive sooner or a little later than that time.

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Benefits of international courier express

One of the most important advantages of International Courier Express is the speed, modernity and up-to-datedness of this method of shipping goods. These features attract many people prefer to use these services. A summary of the benefits of International Courier Express includes the following:

– The price is very low compared to its speed

– Track Courier express at any time

– High Security

– Packaging of goods by the Courier express company itself

– Facilitate customs services in international Courier express Hubs or customs special warehouses.

– Real Door to Door service by the International Courier Express companies.

You, as a business person or trader, or even an ordinary person, can use the SPD companies’ services to enjoy the benefits of Courier Express services.

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Which goods cannot be shipped by international express?

In addition to the conditions of the country of origin and transit and the destination points and the airline policies or rules for shipping goods, there are also special cases that we will not be able to carry due to international bans and legal proceedings. For example, since the delivery of flammable goods can be dangerous for the safety of goods and the health of passengers, it is not possible to send by courier express or mail.


In general, some of these prohibitions are as the following:

– Explosives and flammables

-Military equipment

-Types of drugs

-Immoral and banned newspapers and magazines

-Magnetized Material

-Infectious and Toxic Substances



-Powders and unknown Minerals

-WET Cargo and Perishables

-Live animals

What does international courier express Services include?

There are various services in Courier Express that based on the weight of the product and its type in SPD company, you can enjoy them for only a small amount, some of which we will mention below:


  • – Courier Express interception at any time
    –  Receive from the sender and deliver it to the recipient at the destination
    –  Door-to-door door-to-door delivery by express mail
    –  Ability to insure valuable goods
    –  Letters and envelopes in different sizes
    –  High security for carrying important documents
    –  Sending and delivering goods with different dimensions and low or high weight
    –  Transfer of goods if one way is blocked from another route of goods

Postage fee

How much or how much does Courier Express cost depends on factors such as the type of goods, their weight and dimensions, as well as the distance between the origin and destination; The higher the weight of the product or the longer the distance, the higher the cost will naturally be.

The cost of international express mail can not be determined with certainty because it depends on factors such as weight and type of goods. You can contact our experts to find out the relevant cost.

SPD international courier express and cargo logistics in Tehran

If you are looking for an international post in Tehran, we recommend SPD International Transport Company. Here we have tried to provide you with information about international Courier Express and give you the best solutions about your request. For more information, you can contact our experienced consultants.


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