Customs Services

Customs Services

Today, with the development of world trade and the liberalization of trade and membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO), exports and imports seem inevitable and necessary. Naturally, any international business requires customs services. In fact, customs services or clearance services are the requirements for the transportation of goods from country A to country B around the world. Customs services are usually provided by customs officers at specific transit points and hubs in customs free zones, which are supported by various postal companies. SPD International Transport Company can facilitate customs complexities with its experts.

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Some customs services

• Providing services related to the clearance of commercial imported goods

• Performing goods transit services in a definable context

• Reviewing and presenting and preparing shipping documents

• Providing clearance services for export and import rail freight

• Providing export services

• Supervising the handling of export and import loads

Customs classification of goods

Customs classification is one of the most complex customs issues. Not only does this depend on general clearance skills, but it also requires certain customs, and often specific information about the product. Incorrect customs declaration can expose you to high and unpredictable costs. Our customs team can help you in this way with the right advice. SPD company experts with sufficient experience in this field can meet the needs of customers.

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SPD Customs Services

SPD Customs Services For example, the services of the international company SPD can help speed up and simplify the administrative process and obtain the conditions and permits for your import and export in the international region. To use these services, you can contact SPD experts

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