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Carrying dangerous goods by air post

Today, the transportation of goods has a very important role in the economy and relations between countries. Also, with the increase in passenger traffic and trade, the need for fast transportation of goods has become stronger. Among the various methods of transportation, air mail has a special place in this industry. An important feature of the airmail industry is its high speed and safety. But despite these advantages, there are restrictions on the transportation and mailing of goods, especially since the shipment in question includes dangerous goods. It is natural that this group of goods needs rules, all of which are necessary in order to carry dangerously safe goods in the air post.
There are different rules for air freight, depending on the company, but there are some general rules that all airlines are required to follow. The question may be raised what are the rules for transporting goods during air travel or for sending goods to other countries. Therefore, before traveling or sending cargo, we must have sufficient familiarity with the rules of permitted aircraft load. In addition to the weight and volume of cargo, the type of goods is also important in sending air mail, in addition, some types of goods are considered dangerous in air transport. At air post, dangerous goods are items that may endanger the safety of passengers and aircraft and the navigation system during loading or unloading. Because in aircraft, due to changes in air pressure and temperature, the product may be endangered by various reactions and conditions. For example, many of the raw materials we use, mostly in laboratories and factories, are potentially hazardous. This issue becomes more sensitive when these materials are exposed to conditions such as temperature, high or low pressure, etc. It is important to consider these when transporting dangerous goods by air.

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Dangerous goods naming standards

The important thing about naming dangerous goods is that each of these items, including radioactivity, chemicals, dry ice and laboratory samples, have a specific and classified naming that is the basis for naming and numbering dangerous goods in general. Is the United Nations (UN). These names and numbers are assigned to each item or product according to the classification system of this international organization, which is a kind of identification number to standardize the naming of such items. Some dangerous goods can be sent with special packaging and MSDS license, which is the responsibility of the sender to obtain a license and prepare MSDS forms. MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet, which includes information about the nature of the material, identifying potential risk factors, and ways to control it. 

Services of SPD company in transporting dangerous goods

One of the services of SPD International Company is providing dangerous cargo transportation service. SPD Company is able to meet your needs with the valuable experience it has gained so far in the field of international express mail. Contact our experts for advice.

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