Door to Door Services

Door to Door Services

Door to Door postal service

Door-to-door postal service is one of the most important and widely used services in the transportation industry, in which the entire process of sending, loading and delivering goods from origin to destination is the responsibility of the service provider. It will not matter much to you where you live as a sender or recipient of goods, this service will allow you to easily ship your goods without any worries about the process of sending and receiving goods. Move.

As the name of the door-to-door service suggests, in this method the sender delivers the goods from the door of the house or place to the postman and the recipient receives the goods at the door of the house or place. As a result, it is natural that there is no need to refer to postal authorities.

Unlike other methods of sending goods, door-to-door postal service imposes lower costs due to less intermediaries between the sender and the recipient, and in addition, the parties will feel more secure, trusted and satisfied. If you want to benefit from this or similar services, you can contact the experts of SPD company.

Steps to perform door-to-door service

Regardless of which shipping company you choose to ship your goods, the following steps are required:

Receiving, packing and transporting goods from the origin

Prepare business invoices and shipping documents for sending

Loading and unloading at the terminal

Carrying out administrative steps of customs clearance

Transportation of goods to the destination airport

Loading and delivery of goods to the destination

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Advantages of door-to-door service

The advantages of door-to-door service include the following:

Save time and money:

In door-to-door transportation services, in addition to reducing fuel consumption and thus reducing air pollution, it prevents wastage of time and additional costs due to the fact that people do not go to the centers of sending and receiving goods.

Ability to track cargo:

Due to the fact that in this service, it is possible to track the cargo online, the customers of this service can be informed about the sending process, which will gain more customers’ trust.

Exact timing:

Having a specific schedule is one of the advantages of door-to-door delivery. Post agents deliver or collect goods with a precise and predetermined schedule, which has a direct impact on increasing customer satisfaction.

Convenient packaging and more security:

Due to the fact that shipping and delivery of goods is the responsibility of the service company, customers can ensure the proper packaging of the company. In fact, because the responsibility for packaging the goods lies with the experts, the amount of possible damage during shipment is minimized. Also, due to the type of product, proper packaging is considered, customers will pay less.

Door-to-door service at SPD

SPD company with years of experience in providing door-to-door services around the world provides you with the opportunity to benefit from this service with ease.

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