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Cargo freight services

Heavy freight is considered as a subset of cargo freight services. In general, cargo shipments are cargoes that generally have weights’ more than conventional postal goods. Cargo freight services are especially important when it is possible to transport cargo and unusual freights such as heavy cargo and dangerous goods, wet, jelly, powder ones or others that have dimensions or weight disproportionate to other transport services such as postal or courier services that is the accessible and possible way to ship such goods, but instead this service has not the estimated delivery time, in addition, their shipping routes depend on the airline or carrier with which the cargo should be shipped. In addition, in the busy months of air transportation, such as January or March, shipping duration times are usually increased and are not accurately predicted. Also, customs services in this service are performed as commercially and as ordinary is longer than the postal service.

SPD International Company, with its experienced officers in the field of air shipping transportation, has provided the possibility of transporting your cargo shipments to all over the world as safe with lower prices, so that you, dear customers, can receive your goods at the destination easily and in the shortest possible time. Our experts are also ready to answer your questions in this regard; Just contact us through communication channels to benefit from our specialized services.

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Carrying heavy air freight

Typically, less than 1% of the world’s heavy objects are transported by air. However, one of the most important types of transportation in the world is heavy cargo using aircraft.

In air transport, special attention should be paid to perishable materials such as serums and human donor organs, valuable goods such as diamonds and gold, dangerous goods, batteries, and so on.

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Advantages of carrying heavy air cargo service

One of the advantages of heavy cargo air transportation is its direct transportation from the origin to the destination and sometimes its speed. In this method, the cargo is moved between different countries from the closest route and the fastest possible time.

SPD company and heavy air freight services

One of the services of SPD International Company is providing heavy air cargo service. SPD company is able to meet your needs with the valuable experience it has gained so far in the field of international express mail. As one of the leaders in the field of aviation, we are proud to announce that we are able to transport considerable of available markets’ share via SPD.

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