International Air Transportation

International Air Transportation

Carrying foreign air cargo

Foreign air freight is on of the safest ways to send goods, which has attracted the attention of many traders and traders with high speed. This shipping method can do the value of the goods and its weight in the form of cargo services or courier express (courier express) by international shipping companies.

Shaya Part Dena Air Freight Services Company (SPD) with its valuable experience can transport commercial cargo at the best and highest possible speed.

Types of foreign air cargo

Foreign air carg transportation includes freight and cargo cargo handling. Ferries are not commercial in nature and are for travelers intending to travel or migrate, which includes personal belongings and necessities of life. Cargo is another type of international cargo that includes commercial goods handled by international shipping companies. Foreign air freight service can be based on the receipt and delivery of goods at the place or airport. Therefore, this service can be provided in the following ways:

-Door to Door
-Door to Airport
-Airport to Door
-Airport to Airport

air freight شرکت SPD

Advantages of carrying foreign air cargo

This method of transportation is used to send valuable items that do not have a high weight and volume, and on the other hand, the speed of transfer is very important. In general, the benefits of carrying foreign air cargo include:

– High speed
– Manage the time of – receipt and delivery of goods
– Ability to send and receive goods from around the world
– Fast clearance of goods
– High safety under airport security measures

Foreign Air Cargo Restrictions

The method of air carg transportation is subject to restrictions under international law. For example, under the laws of the countries of origin and destination, goods such as military equipment, drugs, alcohol, manuscripts, antiques and similar goods are prohibited in air freight.

Packing in foreign air cargo

One of the points that should be paid special attention to when carrying foreign air cargo is proper and safe packaging. Because this step can significantly reduce the amount of unwanted shipping costs. It is best to ship it to international shipping companies that provide air freight services as quickly as possible. SPD company with years of experience in providing these services can help you in this matter. SPD International Fast Mail Company packages your commercial goods, personal belongings and passenger cargo in a principled manner and performs all administrative and customs procedures. In this way, the sender and recipient of the goods can benefit from these services with ease.

air cargo شرکت SPD

Carrying foreign air cargo SPD

Some of the SPD services in the field of international air transport include the following:

– free consultation
– Ability to load goods from the sender
– Tracking and possibilityof online tracking during the process of goods transfer
-online support
-Timely delivery of goods to the destination
For information about SPD services, you can contact our experts. You can also consult and inquire about shipping costs through the international freight order form.

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