International Transportation

International Transportation

What is international shipping?

International shipping is a way of moving goods from one country to another, which is mainly welcomed for sending commercial and passenger goods around the world. With this method, you can easily transport your desired package anywhere in the world, after the process of buying or selling, or even to send personal belongings, home and sending documents, in the shortest time by a company. Move valid quotes. For more information on freight transportation, you can contact the consultants of Shaya Part Dena Air Freight Services (SPD) to guide you professionally and free of charge.

Types of international transport

Because international shipping is relatively expensive compared to domestic shipping, the method and manner of doing so has a direct role in the cost of shipping. Therefore, choosing the type of transportation method is of great importance.

The method of transporting goods is determined by factors such as the type of goods, weight, time and volume and size. For example, for transporting perishable fruits and food, the factor of time and speed of delivery is very important and the sender has to use air transport method to transport them. Also, trade agreements between the two countries can influence the choice of transportation method. For example, a company can use all the above methods to transfer goods between Iran and Europe, depending on the type of goods. In general, issues such as vulnerability, potential risks and value of goods should be considered in choosing the method of transportation.

International shipping can be done in the following ways:

International air transport

Air freight is often used for high value or low volume goods. This method is the fastest method of transportation.

International maritime transport

One of the most basic methods of transporting goods is the sea method, which still has a special place in the field of transporting commercial, heavy and bulky goods. This method has a lower cost than other methods, but in return requires more time.

International rail transport

Rail transportation has always been considered by countries due to its low cost and high level of safety. This approach requires developed infrastructure and agreed international rules and regulations that affect the close trade relations between different nations.

International land transport (road)

This method, which is faster than maritime transport, is more suitable for countries that do not have access to open waters. Transportation of goods is done using trucks and trailers

Benefits of International Air Transport

Air freight is one of the best ways to send goods fast, which, despite its high cost compared to other shipping methods, has the following advantages:

  • Speed in movement
  • Very high security
  • Ability to send a variety of goods quickly

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Speedy Post International Shipping Company

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