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Sending a product from one point to another can be one of the most exciting parts of a supply chain. This is because the packaging used in transportation can have a lot of hidden costs, costs that are not directly related to the cost of the packaging material.

Effects of product packaging on cost reduction

Improper packaging can increase overall costs. For example, poor quality packing  can increase overall costs in terms of the percentage of products damaged during shipping. Other factors that can affect the cost of procurement include:

Shipping costs and the actual cost of moving the product from one point to another are the most effective factors in the total cost of the supply chain, which is usually between 5% to 50% of the total cost. This includes, but is not limited to, transportation costs such as fuel, insurance, etc.

Goods Safety/ Proper Packaging

As mentioned above, one role of packing is to ensure that the goods is not damaged during shipping process. If the packing is not sufficient to protect the consignments, it will incur costs related to the damaged or lost goods. On the other hand, if the packing standards be so high so it leads to more costs than necessary logistics.

Rising shipping costs, such as moving from a wagon to a truck, play a major role in the cost of transporting a product.

The design and shape of the packaging can increase or decrease these costs.

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Warehousing costs

Depending on the specifications of a particular shipment, the goods may be stored for a period of time before continuing the journey. The cost of storing the product can be a function of the packaging used. Packaging that provides adequate protection for the element may allow the transport of certain types of goods in the open air or in warehouses that are not controlled by the weather.

 Administrative and tracking costs, resource allocation for transportation, contacting suppliers, coordination of operations, and… help reduce logistics costs.

Paying attention to environmental issues can contribute to the overall logistics cost of a business. This can take the form of landfill costs, fuel costs and other similar costs. These costs can be tangible, which can be identified in measurable dollar amounts.

Such factors mean that logistics costs can quickly reach profit margins. To solve this problem, a way to optimize the packing services of goods that minimize the cost of various factors, thereby significantly reducing the cost of procurement.

The cost of packaging in the International Express Post cannot be determined with certainty because it depends on factors such as weight and type of goods, which is very affordable for high value goods and apart from that the safest way to move and Keeping goods safe.

packing of goods in compliance with international standards

Interaction at the international level requires compliance with predetermined standards for packaging services, especially for the transport of dangerous goods, the transport of live animals, the transport of liquids and fragile objects, and finally the transport of “wet” goods. SPD experts have come through special training and knowledge of these regulations to meet the needs of customers in this field. For more information or to order services, you can contact SPD.

Costs of Packaging with optimization approach

Packaging services with the approach of optimization and reduction of total costs use various tools, for example, to reduce administrative costs with a minimum number of suppliers and sellers in the transportation process in order to simplify interactions with suppliers and the sellers pointed out.

Reduce packing time

An ideal packaging design should be such that the packaging time of the goods is minimized. This largely depends on the type, shape and material of the packaging.

Reduce occupied space

Minimizing the space occupied by the goods is one of the things that will help the transportation process quickly and easily. The importance of this issue is to the extent that the optimization approach in the transportation of goods emphasizes the maximum use of available space in accordance with the method of transportation. For example, the packaging of goods for transport by rail will be different from the packaging of goods for transport by air. An ideal packing design will reduce the unusually occupied space in transportation and increase the efficiency of transportation. This is important when the volume of the product is very low relative to its weight and the so-called volume weight is greater than the original weight, in which case the sender must pay more for shipping, so Necessary measures to reduce the volume and dimensions of the package will lead to a sharp reduction in shipping costs.

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Reducing the effect of environmental factors

By principled packaging of the consignment, the consignment can be more effectively protected by considering the environmental factors and the special characteristics of the product. To minimize the possibility of damage to the product during transport, the environmental conditions of the goods and the level of protection of the product must be considered. For example, transporting brittle porcelain products requires more protection than transporting plastic cups. By adjusting the level of protection, the amount of breakage and damage can be minimized, and at the same time, by considering the material of the product and the level of protection required, it is possible to avoid spending additional costs for packaging the goods.

Reversible and environmentally friendly packaging

One of the important factors in reducing the cost of product packaging, material and raw materials in packing services for the transportation of goods. For example, when the packaging of the goods is such that it can be reused for both the shipping company and the consumer, many unwanted costs are reduced.

In addition, given the importance of environmental protection, the use of reversible packaging in the postal and transportation industry can alleviate the concerns of environmentalists today.

SPD Company and Packaging Services of Shipments

SPD company with sufficient experience and having technical and specialized personnel in the field of air cargo is able to provide the best services to customers. You can contact us through communication channels to send your goods with proper packaging and express mail. After registering your request and announcing the cost, the cargo will be delivered to you on the spot and will reach the recipient in the shortest time at the destination. Contact SPD Consultants for more information.

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