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International shipping cost

The cost of international shipping is one of the concerns that along with the speed of sending goods is very important for applicants. For this reason, it is necessary to choose a way for customers to send their cargo with the lowest cost and highest satisfaction.

International post is a way to transfer goods with which you can send your goods to all over the world. This service is one of the most widely used services in the transportation industry, which is performed in the form of air, sea and land, and can be used in any country based on its facilities.

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The cost of transporting foreign air cargo

Typically, among the various methods mentioned, the method of carrying foreign air cargo is one of the most popular methods of international post, which has been considered due to the low time and high security that exists in this method.

The question that may come to the minds of customers when sending and sending international air mail is what factors are effective in determining the cost of foreign air freight? In answer to this question, we must say that the cost of international air mail can not be determined with certainty because it depends on factors such as weight and type of goods. The noteworthy point in this type of post is that this method of transportation is very cost-effective for valuable goods, and therefore speed, accuracy and security are of great importance. In addition to the benefits of the international airmail method, customers are looking to send at the lowest cost. It goes without saying that the cost of air freight, which is calculated for the transfer of goods from one country to another, depends on several factors such as tariffs of shipping companies, currency prices and characteristics of goods, the most important of which we will mention below.

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Factors affecting the cost of air freight

The most important factors determining the cost of air load can be its weight, for this purpose, to calculate the cost of transport, two types of weight are considered, which are the actual weight and the volume weight, which is the actual weight of the load on the scale. While the volumetric weight according to the dimensions of the load is calculated from the following formula:

Multiply the length, width and height by 6000.

After calculating the volumetric weight and measuring the actual weight, whichever is larger is considered as the final weight. Finally, the cost per kilogram of goods to be shipped by air is calculated based on the larger weight. The reason for using volumetric weight is that sometimes shipments do not weigh much but take up a lot of space.

International shipping cost in SPD company

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