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Today, the United States is a tourist and immigrant country. The high immigration of compatriots to the United States shows the importance of this country as well as the importance of issues related to passenger immigration, most of which are done in order to stay and continue their education in the United States. One of the important reasons for immigrating to the United States is the existence of scientific, commercial and economic centers, which is why students or immigrants need to send their personal belongings or documents to the destination country. Immigrants and students can easily ship their personal belongings to all US cities by ferry.

usa services

Steps of sending and receiving air cargo to the United States

Sending and receiving air cargo to the United States includes the following steps:

Free consultation and packaging of goods

Packaging the goods is one of the most important steps before sending the goods. If not done properly, apart from the fact that it may harm the safety and health of the goods, it can incur additional costs in the process of shipping the goods. In addition, it causes more problems in the clearance process in the destination country. Therefore, SPD International Post Company will help you in this field by providing appropriate packaging services and free consultation.


Perform customs formalities

It is better to know the customs formalities before sending the air cargo to the United States. Because each country has its own rules and regulations in this area. Customs rules and procedures can vary depending on the category in which the goods are placed. In general, these procedures and rules from the country of origin to the country of destination have certain complexities that the SPD company provides the necessary guidance and services.


Issuance of bill of lading and sending of cargo

To send the goods, first of all, it is necessary to specify the time, destination and exact information of the shipment, including the tracking number, all of which are done in the form of bill of lading. It is after completing these steps that the consignee can easily clear and receive the goods sent in the country.


Load stage in the United States

This stage of air freight service to the United States is important because it can lead to unwanted warehousing costs. Also, if the cargo information and documents related to your goods do not match, it is clear that you will have problems in the customs clearance process of the destination country. It should be noted that the recipient of the goods has up to 48 hours to clear his goods. Otherwise, the goods are transferred to the warehouse, in which case, the storage costs will be significant.

SPD Company and Shipping Services to USA

SPD company with sufficient experience in the field of air cargo is able to provide the best service to customers. If you want to use our services to send your goods to the United States, you can contact the SPD experts for more information.

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