What is air freight?

What is air freight?


Freight freight is a term used to transport non-commercial and passenger cargo, which is mainly passenger. Passengers can use ferry services to avoid paying extra. Especially people who intend to immigrate can use this service to carry their personal belongings.

Advantages of using air freight ferrite

Here are some benefits of air freight:

High speed: Air freight is undoubtedly one of the fastest ways of transportation, which has made this method of transportation popular.

High safety: Another advantage of using air freight ferries is its high level of reliability and security, which is the concern of many shippers. At the airport, goods are carefully inspected and loaded quickly, thus reducing the risk of theft or damage to cargo.

No place restrictions: It is important for the sender of the goods to be able to deliver the desired goods to the recipient without place restrictions. Air freight services provide this possibility, so that it is possible to send goods to any part of the world.

Tips for using air freight services

One of the points that should be considered in using air freight services is that the selected company is valid and has the necessary license from the relevant institutions. You can send your cargo through any company providing these services and it does not have to be by the same airline that you have chosen to travel, and finally, before proceeding with the freight, get information about the cargo prohibitions in We will continue to address some of these limitations.

Air Freight Limitations

Some restrictions on air freight services can be summarized as follows:

Perfumes, colognes, cosmetics, sprays, alcohol, spices and vinegar, and incendiary, toxic and infectious substances

Weapons and military equipment

Precious goods such as gold and silver, antiques and manuscripts

Movies, CDs and other cultural items that can only be sent with the permission of the Ministry of Guidance.

Freight Cargo Bill

Freight bill of lading includes information such as: type of cargo, cargo weight, shipping date, receipt and.. The bill of lading contains an 11-digit code, with the first 3 digits on the left representing the airline code.

In addition to the cost calculated per kilogram of goods, other bill of lading costs include:

  • VAT (value-added tax)
  •  Truck shipping cost (if part of the shipping process is done by land)
  • Consider specific shipments such as living organisms.
  •  Bill of lading amount which is different for each airline.

Necessary measures before performing air freight ferrite

  • Before sending the goods by air freight method, it is necessary to take administrative and customs measures, the most important of which are:
  • Get a freight license by visiting the ferry section at the airport
  • Packing the goods so that the goods are not damaged by impact and pressure.
  • Carrying cargo to the customs assessment department and performing customs formalities
  • Obtaining a customs green carpet from the customs and referring to the offices of air freight transport companies to prepare a bill of lading
  • Refer to the ferrite circle to stick the load tag on the product

Air freight services SPD

As mentioned above, doing the above may be tedious in terms of time and administration for shippers, we recommend that you seek help from SPD (Shaya Part Dena) to facilitate the work. The experts of this company with years of experience will provide the necessary services with you.


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