Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Today, maritime transport is a method of sending commercial and bulky goods, which is mainly done through international open waters and by commercial and cargo ships.

Because the use of the maritime transport industry requires special geographical conditions and special infrastructure, it is not economical in all countries and it is natural that this is not possible for countries that do not have access to open waters. This method of transportation is used to move special and heavy cargo in which the speed of transportation is not very important. Despite the significant advances in this industry, most merchants today prefer to use the shipping method to transport their goods.

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Advantages of sea transport

An important advantage of maritime transport is its low cost. This has led the owners of goods and commercial companies to use this method to transport their goods. The important point is that through maritime transport, large shipments can be easily moved from one port to another. Fixed fare rates are another advantage of this method of transportation.

حمل و نقل دریایی

Maritime Transport SPD

Shaya Part Dena Air Freight Network (SPD) has licenses and facilities that you can transport your cargo through the sea network. SPD company can provide cargo transportation service to dear customers through Oman, UAE, China and South Korea or through a combined road and sea network.

Contact our experts for more information on SPD services in the field of export and import, customs and customs clearance.

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